Silver Thimble Quilt Shoppe

2475 University Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54302

I had a wonderful trip to visit Nan and her crew at Silver Thimble. I like to comment on what I recall as my first thoughts I had when I entered her shoppe...warmth, comfort, relaxing, inspirational, energetic, etc. But I knew behind all of this was a lot of hard work from her and her staff. As I took time to walk the store before my presentation started, I could not help but feel all the work that was put into making each display, sample, layout, etc. look just perfect. I know from setting up just my booth how hard it is to make the displays look inviting.

These photos were from the entry into the doesn't this give you the same feelings I had!

The following pics are from different areas of the store...again lots to take in!

Finally the area where I gave my presentation worked great. I was able to layout my patterns and RagSpuns so everyone could look closely at them.

While on my drive to Green Bay "Packer Country" that day , I recalled what Aaron Rodgers had said that week...each of us has been given a platform to testify to God's love and I know my RagSpuns are my platform! I wish to Thank Nan for inviting me to share my RagSpuns and the story/life behind them. I love meeting new people to share how God has truly blessed me and by trusting in him, I can live a more meaningful life.


If you would like to visit Nan's awesome shop...please click here!

Store Owners or Quilt Guilds...check out this page "Presentations"or contact me about doing a presentation for you!.




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