Welcome to my website...when I am not being a mom to Abbey 22, Luke 20, Maria 16, and Gabe 14... you will find me enjoying my business(every part from cutting fabric to accounting work).It is sure hard to believe that I used to be a Computer Programmer for a large insurance company and now I do this... it is funny what happens when you become a mom!!!

Look...we have all grown up!!!

Everyone always asks how I came up with the idea of RagSpuns and I love to tell this story...

While working on a quilt for a charity at our church, I was frustrated with how boring the quilt looked. I was talking to God and asking for help in jazzing it up because I knew no one would otherwise buy it the way it is. Some how I took my scraps and sewed them together and came up with this applique. I feel God has blessed me with this idea that I call RagSpuns. I have not stopped thanking him since that day in June 2003. I make RagSpuns in many colors and shapes. I then began encompassing them in my patterns!

I love embellishing quilt items so besides my RagSpuns, I began using beads, trims, charms, filligrees, etc...in my designs. As I always say...God works through my hands to create such outstanding designs.

My business has really revolved over the last 12 years. I have attended 5 International Quilt Markets, several large nationwide shows, many local small shows and spoke at many quilt guilds as well!

My deep faith in God has brought me many joys in life and helped me to get through the hard times too. I believe we experience God's strength in the strain of our struggles and I hope you believe that too.

Everything happens for a reason...God's reason!

If you need to reach me, you call the Studio 920.346.5684 or email me at Rhonda.Horvath@RagSpun.com.


Blessings...Rhonda L. Horvath


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