Here are a bunch of segments that were on the website during 2011...the year the RagSpun Studio was built. There were many ups/downs but through it all ... my faith carried me through it. Thank you God...Rhonda


Wrap UP off 2011...this video says it all for my business plan!!! Enjoy...

As many of you know, I am a HUGE supporter of FCEDC(Fond du Lac Economic Developement Center). They helped me to complete a Business Plan so I could feel confident in opening RagSpun Studio, LLC. Recently I was featured in one of their promos for opening a business. Click HERE to view the video and see a few shots of the Studio!!!







November 2, 2011...OMG it is November!!! We have been working long hours to get everything ready. And just to let you know, it will not be perfect on the opening day but we will be very close!!!

Chip, my husband, just got laid off last week. Sad news but like you all have heard me say before...Everything happens for a reason, God's reason! So I let out my tears, put my head up and continue to push on. With so many little things to get done in the studio, it is great he is here to do them. He is even going to start making some one of kind wood items to sell in the shop. He does wonderful work and I am so glad he has agreed to that. Can't wait for you to see them!

So how is the progress going...Well the sign will go in next week, the ceiling is currently being painted, walls tomorrow, then floor and window trims...and before you know it, it will be November 19th. Hope you can stop in! If not, you can come see me any Thurs(8-8:00), Fri(8-6:00) or Sat (8-12:00). Don't forget your coupon is good through the end of the year also.

Specials will be coming out for the big Black Friday also!!!

Blessings to all...keep me in prayers so I can get all the work done and stay in my right mind! Rhonda


September 13, 2011...

Is it September already...only 2 months to go and lots to get done. Well we have been very busy this summer. Over the 4th of July we decided to take out the dirt floor in the basement due to the smell it gave off in the Studio! What a job that was. We didn't find any treasurers but instead a lot of hard work. It was harder than I ever thought it would be. Now the basement is cleaned and the building smells wonderful.

All of the destruction work is complete and we are busy putting it back together. Here are some pics from over the summer. Enjoy!

First window out...

Chip breaking out the last window...

Chip cleaning up the broken glasses from breaking out the windows...

And the windows are in!!!

Karl doing the finishing touches to the cement!

Now the ceiling is back in!!! Still needs to be mudded and painted...

This shows our work all done in the basement. As soon as I find the pics of us working down there, I will add them. What a heck of a lot of work!!! There were areas where we dug out 18" of dirt...not fun!


I had a wonderful surprise this summer. Marie from Les Secrets de Marie from France who purchases my RagSpuns came to my home. She is starting a new magazine, Simply Vintage Quilts & Crafts, and will be featuring my RagSpuns in her Spring issue!!! Here are some pics of our visit...

Carol Veillon(Executive Director/Editor of QuiltMania), myself & Marie-Claude Ipert


Carol & beautiful and classy!


Not the best pic but this is Guy Yoyotte Husson...he took pics of my patterns and of myself. He was so awesome!




I was on the rode "talking" again!!! See pics from the cute trip to My Favorite Quilt Shop in Green Bay!!!

Click here


Did you hear about my Business Plan Competition?????


Last fall I began a business plan for the RagSpun Studio. While working with Brett Traver from FCEDC, he suggested I enter it into a competition for NorthEast Wisconsin. I thought, I am going to enter just to get comments back from professionals on my business idea for the Studio. Well, I was thrilled to learn I was in the top 21 but I was more thrilled on March 11th when I found out I was in the final 5! This meant I needed to do a 15 minute presentation on my business idea to a panel of judges on March 21st. My power point and speech were ready and I was so nervous. I prayed for peace for my nerves and strength to give a professional speech with enthusiasm about my idea. God blessed me with both that day!

I took 2nd place!!! I was so honored and grateful to this competition because itgranted me $6000 towards completion of the Studio. It also pushed me to complete my BP and do all the hard research needed. I now feel confident in opening the Studio. I wish to thank everyone who helped me and loved my RagSpun idea as much as I do!!!

May we all listen to God's blessings in our lives. By using our talents to inspire others, we are able to find peace.





March 5, 2011... the floor!!! It is amazing what we find in this bank! There was a bathroom located in the middle of the building. It was removed but the flooring around it was bad. Chip's plan was to simply take out the flooring and replace it. Well...surprise...when he started tearing out the top of floor he discovered a 4 inch layer of cement below it! Yes, the entire building has 4inches of cement across the floor. I guess they didn't want the bank robbers to break in through the floor! I found it to be quite interesting while my husband had other terms for it!!!

If you can tell on this picture, the orginal marble floor is on the left and then the area Chip needs to replace. Yup...4 inches of cement!!!

Now...the new floor!!!

As long as he was into floor replacing, he also replaced the entire floor in the bathroom!

The latest work was on the vault. This vault was split into 2 rooms with a 5 inch cement wall with pipes embedded. Chip broke the wall out so I now have one complete room!

Well that is the latest workout my husband has had. Unfortunately I was unable to help with any of this...I know...that is terrible of me!!! My time is spent with new designs so I am working hard too!

I continue to have patience as I trust each step of this process will be worth it. God is leading us on...and we follow in his steps!


January 12, 2011...

Okay to prove I am working hard tooooo...I took some pics of me helping my husband in the attic on the electrical. I want the Studio to have plenty of lighting and boy will it!!! It was very cold up there that day so I tried to be as close to the lightbulbs as I could for any sort of heat.

This kind of shows what sort of small space we had. You can not stand up but just crawl. Once all the electrical wires are in and working this area will be blown in with insulation...yeah...warmth!!!

These pics were taken with my phone so they are not too clear but this shows the beautiful brick used to create this building. Down be low in the Studio, you won't see this because they covered it with plaster. However, we removed the plaster where the chimney was so you will be able to see a sampling of it. Wish we could remove all the plaster!!!

Here I am!!! I am holding some electrical supplies however the pic looks like I am holding a beer(could of used a few up there...oh but too cold!). As you can also tell, I am close as possible to the light bulbs...they kept me warm!

And there is the brain of the hubby Chip. His dad was a wonderful electrician. Chip always told me how picky his dad was about his electrical work. Well his dad was probably smiling as he watched his son lay those wires so straight and taking his time to be so careful and precise. Thanks Grandpa Bo for educating Chip so well!!!

Well that's where we are as of Jan. 5th. A licensed eletrician has to come in now to do a few final things to hook up the new electricity. Chip has begun working on the ceiling now. He decided the entire ceiling needed to be taking down because he didn't want to have to do it in a few years when the Studio would be full of items. I guess he is right :(

Now that the Business Plan for the Studio is done, I am busy working on the taxes to love them. Then it is on to the 2011 new designs. The fabric is here from Studio E and I am ready to sew!!! Can't wait to show them off!!! Stay tuned...



First Entry...

Pics of my new studio and all the work ahead of us...

This is my front door and the place where on a cold January morning, I pressed nose tight to it to see what was you get to see!!!

The studio was built in 1915 as a bank...and boy was it built well.

The front of the store will need the most work. The windows & doors will cost about $5,000!!! I want good quality windows so the sun doesn't fade the fabric. Also I want the windows to be authentic to the building.

This is just a large view of the front of the studio. There is no apartment above, just a high ceiling...great for displaying quilt items!!!

This is the ceiling near the front of studio. No repairs needed there!!! Yeah!!!

And this is the ceiling in the back...all gutted out and ready to be plastered!

Did I mention this used to be a bank? Well, the vault is still there and these doors are on each end...I bet you are going to find lots of treasures in there!

This is the bathroom...I love the brick behind the toilet...we are hoping to keep it exposed like this.

It is always fun to find surprises..well atleast some! This was a neat surprise. As we were breaking away drywall, we found the old chimney. I think it is beautiful and it will stay exposed.

Then we find bad surprises...this is the floor where a second bathroom was. It is in the middle of the floor in the back of the studio. This will take some work to break the concrete off the floor.

My am used to a small corner of my kitchen for my paper work...what will I do with all this space!!!

I know, I will thank God each day!!! Just like I thank God for having met so many people along my business journey...can't wait to share more pics as we do more work.

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