Shops or Guilds...

Are you looking for someone to give a presentation to your shop or guild? Since RagSpuns are SO new to the market, many people don't know anything about them. My presentation answers all the questions about RagSpuns such as...

What are they?

How do you use?

What can I make with them?

How much do they cost?

Where can I purchase them?

And how did you ever come up with this idea???

I give about an hour presentation and will stay to answer all those interesting questions! I have lots of laughs, sorrows and heart-warming stories to share with all.

So contact me and I'll send out my form with all the requirements.

Want to see where I was on January 28th...check out my pics from Silver Thimble Quilt Shoppe!!!


Click here to email me.

Blessings Rhonda





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